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Policy for SCMR-Initiated Papers
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Policy for SCMR-Initiated Papers

The SCMR acknowledges the responsibility to publish statements, recommendations and guidelines which intend to inform the community about best practices, based on the best available knowledge.

Such papers are initiated by the SCMR Executive Committee (EC) or the SCMR Board of Trustees (BOT) and may represent:

1)      SCMR Recommendations

2)      SCMR Position Papers


The following procedures will be followed:

 1.      Proposal

• Submitted by a regular member of the SCMR

Proposal includes a justification for the article (1-2 pages) and a suggested writing group

2.      Discussion and Approval

• The BOT or the EC discusses the proposal and decides on rejection or approval (diversity/balance of cardiology/radiology, US/Non-US, and MD and, where relevant, PhD are considered

• A revision of the proposal may be requested

• In case of approval, timelines are defined by the BOT or the EC

3.      Writing

• Responsibility with first and last author

• Based on the type of paper, the title includes “Society for Cardiovascular MR Recommendations on…”, or “ - a Position Paper of the Society for Cardiovascular MR”
• Tracking by teleconferences (SCMR conference line, organized by SCMR HQ)
• Regular update to the BOT or EC (as per timelines)

• Submission to the SCMR President

4.      Review

• Four expert reviewers selected by the President (Board or EC members)

• Initial request goes to 3 reviewers, timeline: 3 weeks

• Reminder emails after 2 and 3 weeks

• Reviews plus a comment by the President are sent to corresponding author

• Review of a revision by the President only (can contact the reviewers)

• Aim: process not longer than 6-8 weeks

• Presentation to the BOT or EC

5.      Submission

 • Submission to JCMR Editor

 • Review by Editor or designee only

 • Editor communicates with Corresponding Author regarding changes, if needed

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