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Working Groups
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SCMR Working Groups and Affiliates

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The term 'chapter' carries a specific US legal connotation. Therefore SCMR uses the terms 'affiliated' and 'working' groups.

Working group:

A Working Group (WG) is a regional or sub-specialty affinity group that comes together to discuss specific professional and political issues. It is much like a committee within SCMR. The characteristics are:

  • It functions 100% within SCMR
  • It has no separate budget
  • It does not collect dues
  • It has no separate bylaws
  • All members are members of SCMR
  • The WG has the right to meet during the Annual Scientific Sessions
  • The WG has the right to use SCMR resources such as the website, the Newsletter, and others as determined by the Board of Trustees

Affiliated Group:

An SCMR Affiliate is an independent entity that enters into a relationship with SCMR in order to enjoy mutual benefits of collaboration and cross marketing. The nature of the relationship varies according to the mutual needs of the Affiliate and SCMR. Some characteristics:

  • The Affiliate operates with its own budget
  • The Affiliate collects its own dues
  • The Affiliate has its own bylaws, mission and vision
  • Not all members of the Affiliate have to be members of SCMR

The use of SCMR resources are requested by each Affiliate and considered by the SCMR Board of Trustees on an individual basis, including the following examples:

  • Meeting space during SCMR Annual Scientific Sessions
  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Logo
  • Member benefits
  • Financial support from SCMR

A formal Affiliation Agreement will be signed by SCMR and the other organization which acknowledges that:

  • The Affiliate is a legal entity which complies with all applicable laws governing it in the location where it operates
  • There is no mutual legal or financial obligation between SCMR and the Affiliate, and neither party will act or represent itself as acting as an agent of the other
  • Neither party has the right or power to bind or obligate the other party in any manner and shall not make or represent that it has the power to make any contract, agreement, representation, warranty or obligation, express or implied, on behalf of the other party
  • Neither party shall be liable for any act, error, omission, debt or other liability or obligation of the other party, unless specifically consented to, and agree to indemnify and hold each other armless for such actions
  • The Affiliation Agreement will remain in force until such time as one or the other of the parties ceases to exist, acts illegally or brings discredit to the profession
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